interior design / 01 Oct 2011
guest bath before & after

As much as I just LOVED the border of roses, soaps, seashells, and perfumes that the previous owners had installed in our guest bathroom [haha what a disaster,]  I was so excited to finally get started on this project! Taking off the border was a breeze compared to the last one I removed, [the bedroom with the palm trees border has a bumpy textured surface to the walls, so I couldn’t just scrape it off with a putty knife like I could this time around,] but once it was down I discovered that the previous owners had resorted to filling cracks between the ceiling and wall with CAULK. Joy. Once that was removed and patched, I did a lot of sanding and then painted two coats of ‘elephant skin’ by Behr. I actually purchased the elephant art before ever looking at paint swatches, but the color choice ended up being very apropos 🙂


I ended up sanding, patching and painting the ceiling which was not originally in my plans, and also re-painted a lot of the baseboards which had gotten pretty dingy looking. I really love the contrast of the gray and white and appreciate my white and silver hardware much more now that it pops against the wall color.

I love the plush Anthropologie towels and rugs [as does our pup; I have never once seen her hang out in the bathroom, and as soon as I put the rugs down she marched on in and made herself at home!]

Kyle helped me install the shelf above the door to store extra guest towels, soap and shampoo; thanks for the tip, Martha Stewart!

I’m so glad that I went with the darker gray that I had wanted all along; with all of the white accents and the light reflected by the mirror, it really doesn’t look too dark or make the room feel smaller. I’m so happy with the results.

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  1. Patrice

    03 Oct 2011 - 9:30 pm

    Beth I love it, you are doing a great job remodeling and redecorating your abode! Isn’t it great to be”home”? lotsa love and peace girlie girl

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