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Posted by on Sep 17, 2011 in garden | 2 Comments

The front yard is starting to shape up! I can’t take the credit for this before and after, although I did contribute some weeding! Kyle spent several days in 90+ degree weather ripping out the old plants and flowers that looked like weeds, [those purple flowers were beautiful for a week, and then just looked like overgrown grass,] planting, and mulching. To keep out the weeds, we decided to try out some landscape fabric, so hopefully that will reduce the amount of time spent on upkeep. We’re planning on transplanting the irises to a berm in the backyard, and Kyle already put a few of them [along with the cactus] in pots on the front porch. [The cactus has been with us for years; Kyle took one lobe from Chic’s Beach years ago and planted it outside at our condo, but it never grew or bloomed until we planted it at the house!]

We decided we wanted a little Japanese Maple and just a few bushes, so we picked out three Azaleas that should bloom a bright pink next Spring. The grass is also looking a lot better after some fertilizer and TLC!


  1. Sanford
    September 17, 2011

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the japanese maple & azalea bush additions :)

  2. Christina
    September 19, 2011

    Agreed!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I love Japanese maples. We had one at our old house which has grown very nicely. I tired to convince Patrick to pull it out of the ground so we can plant it at the new house…he said no :( lol

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