interior design / 24 Sep 2012
living room progress

I so easily forget how far we’ve come in updating the design of our home until I look back at progress pics from when we first moved in. One of the first updates we made after moving in was to paint the awful pink accent walls in the living room and kitchen. We chose ‘Ethiopia’ by Behr:

A couple of sale purchases, a new coffee table, and several DIY projects later, [including the Michigan to Virginia artwork and my $12 thrift store octagon table revamp,] things are starting to look up:

I am still working on the artwork behind the couch, [the West Elm frames currently hold graphic artwork I designed years ago, but I am planning on swapping out three of them for new art,] but it’s getting there! I am also still on the lookout for the perfect area rug…and have been for over a year. It’s really hard for me to pull the trigger since rugs that size are so pricey, and I want to make sure it’s a design that won’t be out of style or that I’ll be bored with in six months. I also keep going back and forth between wanting something neutral [safe] or bold/bright [way more fun!]

A few of my faves lately are this one from West Elm:

this one from Pottery Barn:

and this one from CB2:

Seen any great graphic rugs lately? And am I the only one who takes home progress pics to see how far we’ve come??


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