interior design / 22 Aug 2011
guest bedroom before & after

My husband and I bought our first home this past December, and it has been both fun and exciting to finally be able to paint walls, decorate, and make this place our own. When we moved in there were two bedrooms and a bathroom with pretty horrific borders, and I have since tackled bedroom #1: The Palm Tree Disaster. I didn’t hate the jade wall color, but I wanted a more neutral, beachy feel, and the border absolutely had to go:

Once the room was painted a nice neutral color, I got to work decorating. I checked out a couple of secondhand shops and found a pretty green vase, a tarnished dish to hold my grandparents’ letters to each other from the 40’s, a cute seashell paperweight, and an old frame that I painted and distressed before putting on display. My mother recently gave me a gorgeous cream-colored afghan as well as a carved wooden jewelry box, both of which fit perfectly in the room. I framed a photo I purchased at the Stockley Garden Art Festival back in May, and just recently finished my tin ceiling tile wall art to complete the room. What a difference, and it cost next to nothing!

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  1. Janet Miller

    26 Aug 2011 - 9:51 pm

    Palm trees are beachy! Come on! Beth, seriously, you did a great job on this bedroom, and your website is very professional. I love the stack of Marion’s love letters. How very special!

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